Project One, Arts Award Certificates Achieved and Received!

Project One, Arts Award Certificates Achieved and Received!.jpg

The Arts Excite is pleased to announce that all young people that took part in Project One, See it clearly all achieved their Arts Award Bronze.

In the summer of 2013 The Arts Excite successfully piloted it first project, Project One, see it clearly, in partnership with BESB Women’s Aid. The young people involved were presented with a brief set out by Women’s Aid and as a response to that brief the young people chose to work with a drama practitioner, photographer and film maker to create a short educational DVD on domestic abuse, for the charity to use in their outreach work.

When the project was completed we put all young people involved through the Arts Award moderation process in September 2013 and we are pleased to announce that they all achieved an arts award bronze for completing the project, which is fantastic news!

The moderator commended The Arts Excite on it innovative approach to delivering The Arts Award by providing the young people with a real world project to work toward. They also mentioned that because we are commissioning the young people to develop their own project, it clearly reinforces ownership over the work for them and that is the fundamental principle of leadership, and The Arts Award.

The Arts Excite would like to say a big well done to all those young people who worked on Project One, see it clearly and achieved their Arts Award Bronze.

Jordon Maynatrd-Daley