The Arts Excite C.I.C has rebranded!

We have rebranded.jpg

Do you like our new logo?

We are excited about the launch of our new branding and want to shout about it!

Over the past few months we have been refining our brand and have begun the metamorphosis of transforming The Arts Excite into a functioning social enterprise.

Our new logo contains 3 circles which each represent the core values of The Arts Excite. Those values are:

·       The Arts Excite Inspiration

·       The Arts Excite Education

·       The Arts Excite Celebration

Our approach to working with young people is just this, we begin by inspiring them, then we educate them and after that we celebrate them and their achievements.

Some projects run by The Arts Excite will fall completely under one of the above categories rather than span all three. In these instances those projects will be branded as follows:

·       Inspiration projects will have the blue circle in the centre.

·       Education projects will have a green circle in the centre.

·       Celebration projects will have a red circle in the centre.

We are confident that our new branding will give The Arts Excite a strong presence wherever it is displayed. We would like to take the time to thank Simon Minter from NineteenPoint Ltd for all his hard work on redeveloping our branding.

Jordon Maynatrd-Daley