Puppet Fun!

This half term we ran the first phase of our puppet project in partnership with Parasol Project in Oxford.

On day one of the project we introduced the children to the art of puppet making. Our newly recruited workshop leader Kerstin Friedrichs led this project. Kerstin ran a short introduction session at the start of day one and the set the students with the task of creating their own puppets using the materials she provided.

By the end of day one the children had created the heads for their puppets and some had given them names. Day two began with painting and decorating the puppets, some of the participants were able to create clothes for them.

On day three we began working on backstories for the puppets, and the children started to interact with the puppet theatre that we have commissioned to be built to support the project.

Day four was our last day and we were able to showcase our puppets to parents and put on a small showcase of the stories the children have made.

The project session run during the half term have given us an insight on how we can develop this project further and incorporate the lessons learned into our plans for the summer phase of the project. We are having discussion on how music, film and other bits of media can be incorporated into a final performance.

To keep up to date on how this project develop please visit our website at where we list all of out latest news and updates.

This project is supported by Oxfordshire County Council with investment from Artswork Ltd, the Arts Councils South East Bridge organisation.

Jordon Maynatrd-Daley