Introduction to Photography

Introduction to Photography

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Course Title

 Introduction to Photography

Number of sessions

 2 days

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Course aim

 To develop fundamental skills in Photography.

Course description

This two-day workshop is a mixture of theory and practical activities designed to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of Photography.

On day one you will explore the theory and develop technical skills in photography. You will get to grips with your camera understanding its functions and buttons delving into topics such as shutter speed, ISO, Aperture focusing and more.

Day two is when we begin to open your photographer’s eye and we introduce creative ways of taking photographs using various composition techniques as guidance.

Each day will be full of fun practical sessions and challenges that will enable you to increase your knowledge and understanding of photography.

Previous skills or experience needed?

No, this workshop is designed for beginners so you just need to bring your camera.

What will students achieve?

You will gain knowledge and understanding on how to use your camera in different settings and scenarios.

Your creative and technical skills and language will be developed through the workshop.

Is there anything our organisation needs to provide?

 A DSLR Camera, or a camera which allows you take manual control of its features.

A notebook and a pen.

Comfortable walking shoes.

Possible next steps after this course?

  • Introduction to Street Photography

  • Introduction to DSLR Film Making