Introduction to DSLR Photography for Schools

Introduction to DSLR Photography for Schools

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Course Title

 Introduction to DSLR Photography for Schools

Number of sessions

Two sessions (am and pm, one day for delivery)

Is this course accredited


Awarding body 


Course aim

 To develop fundamental skills in photography

Course description

 This workshop is very practical and hands on and is designed to introduce students to the world of photography.

Working on DSLR cameras students will learn the technical fundamentals of photography including:

·      Camera handling

·      Shutter speeds

·      ISO

·      Aperture

Students will take part in a range of practical sessions and challenges that will enable them to increase their knowledge and understanding of photography and produce an image presentation at the end of the day.

Previous skills or experience needed?


What will students achieve?

Students will develop in confidence, team work and leadership skills through the workshop. Students will also increase their technical skills, knowledge and language with regards to photography.

Is there anything our organisation needs to provide?

For schools a classroom with a smart board or projector.

Possible next steps after this course?

  • Activities week in Photography with Arts Award Bronze

  • Introduction to DSLR Film Making for Schools

  • Activities week in Film Making with Arts Award Bronze