Introduction to iPad Filmmaking for Schools

Introduction to iPad Filmmaking for Schools

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Course Title

 Introduction to iPad Film Making.

Number of sessions

 Two sessions (am and pm, one day for delivery)

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Awarding body 


Course aim

 To teach students how to use iPad’s for film making.

Course description

 This workshop designed for beginners in film making. It is suitable for students in primary and secondary school.

Students will explore:

·      The fundamentals of film making

·      Story boarding

·      Filming and editing

Using iPad’s students will work in groups to produce short stories, which they will film and edit within the session. This is a very hands-on practical workshop with varied exercises and activities that keep the session fluid and fun.

Previous skills or experience needed?


What will students achieve?

 Students will develop a short story and transform it into a short film. Students will learn to film and edit basic footage on their iPad. In addition to the film making skills that will be developed, students will enhance their confidence, creativity, team working and leadership skills.

Is there anything our organisation needs to provide?

 We can provide some iPads for the workshop but for large groups additional iPads from the school will be needed. A Classroom with a smart board or projector and speakers would be useful but not essential.

Possible next steps after this course?

  • Introduction to DSLR Film Making for Schools

  • Activities week in Film Making with Arts Award Bronze